Standing Orders to Students

i) The handbook issued to every student at the beginning of the year is to be kept intact and neat, through out the year, and brought to school every day. It is the means of communication for the school authorities and staff with the parent about the conduct and studies of their child and hence it should not be used as a rough book.

ii) Students are not allowed to enter other class rooms even during the intervals, without specific permission.

iii) No books, newspapers or periodicals other than school books may be brought to the school without the approval of the Principal.

iv) No collection of money of any kind whatsoever shall be made in the school. All collection must be done through the office. No meeting, party or picnic, or any kind of organized school activity shall be arranged without the previous approval of the Principal.

v) No articles, stories, poems, drawing, pamphlets, hand bills, pictures or the like whatsoever shall be put on the notice board or on any part of the walls of the school, without the approval of the Principal.

vi) All are expected to speak in English, in the school and in the campus.

vii) Scant respect or courtesy to the members of the staff in any form will be viewed seriously and the students responsible for such misbehaviour are liable to be dismissed.

viii) While moving out of the class, the students should go silently in a single file keeping to the right of the corridors and steps.

ix) Unnecessary running around and shouting in the school campus is not allowed.

Request to Parents

i) The cooperation of parents in all the affairs of the school is essential for the best conduct of the school.

ii) Parents should take special attention to ensure that their children prepare their lessons well, do the home work regularly and come to school neatly dressed in their uniform.

iii) Teachers are not to be disturbed by the parents during class hours. Complaints, if any, should be communicated to the Principal. The visits to the teachers should be restricted between 3.30 p.m. and 4.00 p.m.

iv) Parents are specially requested to notify the school of their change of address and phone nos if any.

v) Any loss or damage to the property of the school will be made good from the parents concerned.

vi) Servants who bring the students or their lunch to the school shall not enter the class rooms.

vii) Private vehicles are not allowed to enter the school compound. They should be parked a few meters away from the main gate of the school.

viii) It is desirable to have the names marked on the bags or possessions of the students.

ix) The name of the students who are absent for more than 15 days without intimation will be removed from the roll and they are unlikely to be readmitted. Absentees will have to produce leave notes.

x) All the students must be present on the first day when the school reopens for each term.

xi) Whenever a student using the school bus, is taken home by private conveyance, the class teacher and the Principal must be informed thereof.

xii) Parents should go through the school diary every day and sign all the notices and messages.

xiii) Students who are seen suffering from any serious contagious/ infectious disease will not be permitted to attend the class.

xiv) Parents who seek information or need clarification may meet the

xv) Principal, (and not the class teacher) by prior appointment. Normally the Principal meets the parents between 3.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m.

xvi) Children selected for any programme in and outside the school must be sent in time for that purpose.

xvii) Parents should provide their mobile numbers to the school to enable us use effectively the SMS mode of communication adopted by the school.

xviii) In order to ensure greater safety of your ward, it has been decided that the students coming to school should be in complete uniform and necessarily have their identify cards on their person on all occasions such as attending special classes, visiting the school office etc.

xix) Carrying of mobile phones/cameras/pendrive, i-pods/CD/ Magazines/Playing Cards etc. to school is banned. Strict action will be taken against those and such items wont be given back.

xx) Do not allow the children to carry pocket money to school.

xxi) Students are not allowed to access nearby shops, bakery, etc.