Time flies. The flick of an eyelid-Lo and Behold-an year has gone by. We might have to our credit many feathers added this year adoring our cap. On the flip side, we may have our own failures and desperation.

But remember, life is not, at any time, a straight line. There will be ups and downs.  Without these ups and downs, life will be monotonous. Even the Electro Cardiogram(ECG) of the heart is not a smooth straight line.  The smooth straight line of an ECG suggests an inactive or dead heart.

Managing, therefore, the ups and downs efficiently and effectively should be the aim to create a smooth life. This will see you through all the difficult situations. You will also be able to maintain a balanced mind on your high achievements as well as failures. That brings out the point of balancing act.  Like the cycle, your balance and pedal effectively through the ups and downs of the road, to reach the destinations. In every phase of life as you progress from the life of a student to that of an adult-employed -married and settled home- old age and retirement- there will always be four pillars that you need to keep balanced. You cannot construct a strong and beautiful building structure on un-even pillars. As a student, the four pillars are study, play, sleep and a healthy body and mind.  If these pillars are uneven, a smooth and beautiful life cannot be built. Therefore,  balancing, giving equal importance to all four aspects will help you to lead a successful healthy life.


                                                                                                                                                         Sr. Soja Joseph,