"Asathoma Sath Gamaya – Inspire, Illumine & Ignite"



In Pursuit of Excellence

• To conserve the goodness of the spiritual and cultural values

• To strengthen the young dynamic minds with right attitude and aptitude to counter the present evils.

• Instrumental in bringing about a positive change by means of integrating the diverse capabilities.

• To sustain the progress by means of effective feedback and flexibility.

• Formation of righteous and healthy citizen to facilitate social equilibrium.

• Creation of a net work of qualified and strong willed groups to cater to the future demands of our country

• To contribute to the band of true leaders to lead the Society, State, National and Global front.


“Striving for a Better Tomorrow”

• Conduction of spiritual celebrations with the student’s interaction in true spirit.

• Celebrations of youth festival and extend the participation in other cultural related competitions.

• Towards maintenance of the balance in social set up, nominal fees to cater to all sections of the community without prejudice.

• To develop the thought process by expansion of knowledge towards understanding and application.

• To provide equal opportunity to every students in participating in co-curricular as well as daily routine and extra curricular activities.

• Observations of days of national , international, as well as environmental importance.

• Creation of social awareness about the social evils and national threats though various programmes and workshops including skits.

• Conduction of debate, quiz and group discussions with the right guidance to prepare them as members of progressive society.

• To give due importance and opportunity to every diverse culture, religion and language of our country.

• To inculcate the spirit of oneness as Indians by adherence to our constitutional limits and make them aware of their rights to be exercised.

• To maintain good relation with the alumni and ensure follow up activities.

• To cater to the new developments and to keep up with the current events, educational trips , interview and exposures to the real time situations.

• To introduce the concepts of personal hygiene and good health habits motivated with simple rewards and gestures

• To ensure discipline and periodic monitoring activities to keep up with the pace.

• Due significance to value education and moral study as co-curricular activities in true spirit.

• Motivation at all levels to get rid of inhibitions and develop a right attitude through interactive sessions in the teaching learning process.

• To inculcate justice and harmony among the students through self example, quotes and daily messages of personality development.

• To provide with relevant supplement literature, news papers and leadership camps to instill a righteous attitudes.

• Formation of cabinet, house wise and smaller groups towards a set goal and analysis of the performance at all levels for continuous improvement.

• Active physical training to create health fitness among the students and development of true sportsman and competitive spirit.

• Broaden the outlook through various Social, National as well as International events of global importance.

• Provision of training and workshops to the teaching faculty in current trends of teaching, management, literature and personality development.

• To promote avenues of global exposure, active multi-media interactive sources to be tapped with.          
Updated on: 01 Jan 2015