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The School Uniform is obligatory on all school days and at official school functions. Parents should see that students come to school neatly dressed. The school uniform is as given below.

Uniform Structure

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

LKG           Boys - peach colour shirts & blue check shorts
                  Girls - blue check frock

UKG          Boys - grey striped shirts & grey shorts
                  Girls - grey striped with grey frock

I - IV          Boys - red striped shirts & fawn colour shorts

I - VII         Girls - red striped shirt with fawn colour pinafore

V - XII        Boys - red striped shirts & fawn colour pants

V - VII        Girls - red striped shirt with fawn colour pinafore

VIII – X      Girls - red striped shirt with fawn colour skirt & coat

Wednesday Uniform

LKG & UKG           Special Uniform ( boys & Girls) with white socks

I - XII                      White with Blue T-shirt with white socks


Class K.G to XII Boys: Bata Black Scout/Super stride shoes with fawn colour with stripes socks.

Class K.G to XII Girls: Bata Black Ballerina with fawn colour with stripes socks.

No other type of footwear will be permitted.

During rainy days, students should use black sandak rainy wear. Footwear can be bought from Bata Showrooms.

School ID

All students should wear the school ID which is available from the School.

Uniform Code for Boys

1. Should be attired in a dignified manner. The Pants should be worn strictly at the waist and not at the hips. It should not be tight and indecent. Wearing of hipsters/low waist trousers is strictly banned.

2. Shirt should be long enough to be tucked in neatly with the school belts.

3. Clean and well ironed uniforms to be worn daily.

4. Wearing a vest is mandatory.

5. The Shirt should be buttoned up appropriately and tucked in properly.

6. Hair has to be well trimmed and combed neatly.

7. Wearing caps and head gears to school is disallowed. Streaked hair, spiked hair, long hair, long whiskers or fancy hair style is also disallowed. Wearing of bracelets, Chains friendship bands are not permitted. Neat shaving is required to be done, if necessary.

Uniform Code for Girls

1. Should wear uniforms that are below their knees.

2. School belt should be worn daily.

3. No fancy items to be worn in the hair, ears, finger, ankles and forehead.

4. Hair should be neatly combed and plated on two sides if long, or put in two ponny tails if short. Black hair bands/ribbons only are to be worn. For KG Section white hair band with grey ribbon, for higher classes black ribbon with grey uniform, white ribbon with wednesday’s uniform and red ribbon with fawn check uniform is suggested.
Updated on: 31 Dec 2014